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Are you a Coach wanting to take your coaching business online? OR are you already running an online coaching business but feel stuck OR ready to take it to the next level? Perhaps you have just started in the industry and understand the power of having a mentor to give you business and marketing advice to speed your results. Maybe you have even been in the industry for some time and ready now to scale your business and capitalize from expanding online...

Regardless of wether you are a Business Coach, Life Coach, NLP Coach, Wellness Coach, MindSet Coach or ANY other kind of coach there is no denying the power of one-on-one coaching for massive results. As a coach yourself you understand this as you deliver 1-on-1 yourself. AND the endless opportunities of building an online coaching business.

Hi, My name is Jason Grossman, and nearly 20 years ago I was living on the Streets as a heroin addict in Perth, Western Australia. After overdosing, What got me off the streets and literally saved my life was this amazing industry; Personal Training, perhaps the most popular form of coaching there is.

I then spent a decade as a 6 figure rental trainer before heading out on my own. I built a 7 figure fitness business with 9 personal trainers, 3 nutritionists, 4 business coaches, and a team of 17 at head office. BUT after 12 years in the fitness industry working my ass off I burned out, was diagnosed with glandular fever then chronic fatigue. I lost everything and had nothing to show for the previous 12 years.

Thats when I decided to go completely online a decade ago, and since then have built a multi-million dollar a year ONLINE company called Quantum Health & Technologies, including a service called Quantum Business Coaching and we do business mentoring for online coaches in 12 countries to build to 6 even 7 figures. In fact we have taken thousands through the 1on1 program with amazing results.

I also recently written 20 books including; The Personal Training Business Bible. How to Build a 6 THEN 7 Figure Fitness Business. And also From the Streets to a Millionaire. And Create a Laptop Lifestyle. You can find these books available on Amazon. Now we are in an amazing place, I wish to give back. Which is why we are offering Coaches just like you the chance to get some free business mentoring to empower you to create an online business that supports the life you dream of.

NOW we specialize in empowering coaches to build an online business in their spare time, part time or even full time to live a dream laptop lifestyle. To travel more and spend time with family.

We do this either through our Exclusive 1on1 business coaching program OR our jam packed value Group Mastermind. (More Info Below)

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How The Free Business Mentoring Works..
No matter where you are in the world, you will be connected with one of our amazing expert business coaches. All our business coaches are actually online coaches themselves that have been through the Quantum Business Coaching Program and have built successful online businesses. They are all international business coaches and coached by myself personally in the Quantum Business Coaching Program.
You will recieve a FREE 30 minute phone on messenger call where you and your coach will get to know each other, then create some clarity and direction to your specific goals. Also establish what are the areas of your business you believe either need the most work, or you wish to improve.

After your first 30 minute call, your coach will give you a clarity and unloading exercise to complete to begin creating your massive action planner and actually achieve your desired results. 48-72 hours later you will have your second FREE 30 minute mentoring session to gain 100% clarity on what you want in your business, and the specific direction you wish to take it and how.

By the end of the second 30 minute session you will have more clarity and direction than ever before in launching, expanding or scaling your online coaching business.

How the Quantum Business Coaching $250,000K Online 1on1 Business Coaching Program Works?
We have two programs to empower you to build the online coaching business of your dreams. The first is the 1on1 Business coaching program. This program is designed to empower you to build a $100,000-$250,000K a year online coaching business in 6 months. It may sound unrealsitic but definitely possible.

Although there are never any guarantees in life, as we must do the work here is an outline of the program and what to expect. (Everyone's journey and model may slightly vary depending on what you wish to create.)

Step 1) LAUNCH 1on1 Coaching
• We set up you sales system, tools, pricing and program structure. 
• We also determine your Avatar and create your value ladder 
• We do this by using personal branding and optimizing your social media 
• Launching a Prize draw, regular webinars, video marketing, blogs and polls 
Step 2) Build to 6 1on1 Coaching Clients ($600 wk.) 
• We launch your first 3-5 sales funnels & even help you set them up
• We also launch your first FREE 30 Day online challenge 
• Continue with organic marketing including fortnightly webinars, daily Facebook live vids 
• Start Looking at Affiliate Marketing (optional)

Step 3) Build to 12 clients ($1200 wk.) 
• Once on 12 Clients we hire a part time telemarketer & VA to start making all the calls for you so you can focus on marketing and growth 
• If we haven’t started yet we also begin Facebook advertising at this level 
• Between 12-20 clients we also set up your Messenger Bot and Online Virtual Coach 
• Look at Launching Group Coaching 
Step 4) Build to 20 clients ($2000 wk.) 
• At 20 clients its time to start looking for another coach if that’s what you desire 
• We also will introduce other income streams including digital products, side hustles etc 
• Its also time to monetize your funnels 
• Look at Launching Monthly Workshops 
• Also look at other affiliate/Digital Products 
Step 5) Build to 40 Clients ($4000-$5000 wk.) 
• Keep expanding your team (coach/VA/Tele/Management/CSM) 
• Create a financial freedom plan 
• Take a holiday 
Step 6) Devise plan for 7 figures 

Additional to the business elements within this program we also include the mental vitamins program to become an athlete of the mind, complete financial freedom planners, lifestyle design plans and much more.

We also run regular online workshops specifically designed to put your business on steroids and if you plug into every webinar and workshop we do your business will skyrocket.

To make this fun and interactive we have also created a Board Game with ranking system giving you something to aim for. Below is an outline of the ranks and badges you can unlock through the growth of your business. We agree it’s not just about the money this just makes the game more fun.

NEXT STEPS: Simply click on Get Free Business Mentoring below to book your first of 2 free business coaching sessions, then we will be in touch. In the free sessions your coach will answer all your questions and determine if you are a good fit to enter this exclusive program.
Below is a video of How we build you to $250,000K a year online...
If you want to learn even more info and you are like me and visual below is a video recording of a 50 minute webinar I did sharing HOW we build you to $250,000K a year in your online coaching business.

How The 6 & 7 Figure Inner Circle for Online Coaches Works?
Additional to the 1on1 Business Coaching Program to Build your Online Coaching Business, we also have a VERY Affordable 6 & 7 Figure Inner Circle with regular Group Coaching JUST $3AUD a day CRAZY RIGHT!!! 

To see if it is for you and you draw value from it I would like to invite you into the inner Circle for FREE and Give you a FREE 14 Day Pass. That's 2 FREE group Coaching Sessions with me personally!

Simply Click on the button below for more info OR to get your FREE 14 Day Pass!

Bonus Membership Portals...
In the Quantum Business Coaching Program you will also receive private access to 3 secret membership portals below.

1) The Business Course for Online Coaches

All the tools, templates, spreadsheets, systems and more you will need to launch , build, track and scale your business. It is a membership site where you create a login, and can access any time, anywhere forever more!

2) The Advanced Coaches Training Portal

Additional to the Business Course portal I'm going to give you access to my ADVANCED online coaches training portal. This is the offical training my own coaches go through before that start as a coach in my business. At one point I had a whopping 27 coaches in my team.

3) The 8 Day Online Social Media Course

This is free access to the entire first 6 months of our online program to generate 30-50+ leads a week online. How to set up your social media, do webinars, video marketing, blogs, marketing planners, Facebook advertising and much more.

The Quantum Business Coaching Board Game!
We have also created a board game for you to play to make it fun and engaging. To move you from where you are now to your goal. As you move through the ranks you will unlock badges and achieve awards and social recognition. Starting from the $50,000K club all the way up to the 7-figure club and millionaires club. See below for how it works, the ranks and be sure to check out the video below which explains each badge and rank in detail.

Checkout This Quick Video Showing You How It All Works Together!

Other Cool Free Bonuses Included!
Additionally you will also gain access to all of the below resources to build your Online business...

Checkout these Incredible Success Stories & Testimonials of Clients Below!
I have only been coaching with Jason the founder of Quantum Fitness Marketing for a couple of weeks to build my online business. however in the first week my income skyrocketed from $0 to $420 per week after generating only 38 leads. In the second week I generated 111 leads and have 8 online clients already, so now you can only imagine what my income is going to be like over the next few weeks. 
His systems are truely amazing and they just work. 
This has allowed me to regain my confidence and motivation in an industry that I just love. Nothing is more rewarding than changing the lives of others and this is what Jason does from the heart with ease. 
Thanks Jase you're the bomb diggity 🙂  
Lyn Miller xxx
I started working with Jason in January. At the time I was making 6y figures in my online business and was comfortable. But It wasn't until I met Jason he open my eyes to the potential of what I can achieve online. 
And using his strategies in just 4 more I quadrupled my business making nearly $400,000 a year and build fast towards a 7 figure online business. I also have more time to now spend with my family and take some holidays with a work life balance. 
Gayan Perera
Thanks to Jason and his online marketing strategies in just our first week of marketing I generated 617 opted in hot leads to build my online business. I was absolutely blown away, I still can't believe it. thanks Jase. 
Steve Mills
So What Now???
As mentioned previously its my passion and mission to empower online coaches to build a business that creates the lifestyle they dream of. If you are reading this then I know you are a coach, and you are hungry for more. So what have you got to lose? Simply click on the Get Free Business mentoring Button now for 1on1 coaching OR apply now for the group mastermind, and have a FREE no obligation chat with one of our expert coaches and lets sky rocket your online coaching business together.

Yours in Online Coaching
Jason Grossman - Founder Quantum Business Coaching
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